Sandhi Sudha Faq's

1. Q:- What is Sandhi Sudha and Sandhi Sudha plus?

Answer:- Sandhi Sudha is joint pain relieving oil that works can* various types of pain including Knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, ] ] frozen shoulder tennis elbow and joint pain. It is made up to natural Himalayan herbs *.

2. Q:- How does this pain relieving oil work?

Answer:- Sandhi Sudha oil helps in refilling the joints and bones with the synovial fluid that causes pain if not available in adequate amount. It may* can* helps in repairing the damaged tissues and affected area. Sandhi sudha can* help bring ing the smoothness with which our joints work before*

3. Q:- How to use?


  • Apply 1 or 2 table spoon of the oil to the affected area.
  • Message it on the effective area without much pressure.
  • Follow the circular motion while applying the product.
  • Use it at least 3-4 times in a day.
  • Apply it after or before two hours of bathing.
  • For better results you can* use it before sleeping in night.

4. Q:- What are the packages available for the oil?

Answer:- You can* purchase Sandhi Sudha oil as per below given packages:

  • Single bottle trial Sandhi Sudha oil package
  • 3 bottles complete regular Sandhi Sudha oil package
  • 3 bottles complete Sandhi Sudha plus package

5. Q:- How to order?


  • You can* call on the numbers provided on this website and place the order.
  • Visit the site and complete the formalities for placing the order.
  • Fill the form available on website to order the product and your request will be
  • submitted to the executive. They will then call you for the confirmation.
  • Payment is accepted through Cash on delivery along with the shipment charges.

Disclaimer : Results may* vary from person to person.

* - Terms and Conditions apply.